Jomanji Genetics

Popcoin F1

POPCOIN F1 🍿 – (Purple Glue Grapes x Pineapple Express) 

We make it, you take it… you f*cking druggo🙈 

For the love of The Big Lez Show, we decided to create one trippa snippa of a strain, mate! 🇦🇺 

We took G13 Labs’ legendary re-created Pineapple Express strain and married it with some sweet Purple Glue Grapes 🍍🍇 

This Sassy Foods creation is a mouthful – taking the auto grow game to a new level!

Sweet intense flavours with a spicy aroma makes for a killer smoke with relaxing effects… 😮💨

It’ll take you down under for a perfect Sunday afternoon chill sesh 🛋️

Don’t forget to invite Quinton and Clarence!

📌 GROW INFO:    

• Variety: autoflower fem 

• Balance: 50/50 sativa | indica 

• Flowering: 58 – 65 days 

• Yield: medium 

• THC level: 25% +