Jomanji Genetics


FREAKAZOL! F1 🗲 – (Purple Lemonade x Colorado Cookies x Upaya x Banana Blaze) 

Don’t freak out, just Freakazol! 🤯

This freak of a strain was curated by crossing ETHOS’ Purple Lemonade, Colorado Cookies & Upaya strains 🍹🍪  

We smashed in some more fruity flavour by including Banana Punch 🍌💥 from the master breeders at Dutch Passion 🇳🇱 

This freak of a plant boasts a 70/30 sativa | indica ratio 🤪🥱 

Either get active or opt for a chill sesh – as your mood dictates 🔋🪫 

Armed with an abundance of terps & a dense nug structure, Freakazol! is a must👍🏽 


• Variety: autoflower fem 

• Flowering: 70 – 80 days 

• Yield: medium 

• THC level: 25% +